Needs & Options Review


At the early stage of a project, it is critical to get the overarching decisions right as these will frame the project and our aim is to ensure your as many options are open to you as long as possible. This is where our expertise will provide you with the advice you need to make the important decisions.
Below are the items that will be covered by the review. By doing these things now, it gives the team (that’s you and us) the best information in preparation for the Design Stage. The benefits are that you get a design that fits you, your family, your lifestyle and your budget.
1. We will look at the Legal Requirements for what you want to do
o   Statutory obligations
o   Legal constraints
o   Historical structure related information
2. We will go into further detail in the Process
o   What are the next steps through design, planning, tender and construction
3. We will procure a survey of your property which is vital to the design process
o   existing buildings if any
o   site topography & other structures
4. We will conduct a planning research exercise which will reveal important information needed before design can take place
o   planning history of your site
o   surrounding area planning history
o   development plan & zoning review
5. We will go through your design brief and identify opportunities and challenges
6. We will go through an estimate timeline for the project through the design, planning, tender and construction phases.
7. We will give you a rough order of cost based on your brief.
8. And we will go through recommended and optional Design Team consultants you should hire as well as some information on how contractor procurement works.
The information gathered will be set out in a report giving you all the information you need to make your decisions in the best way possible. We are here to guide you and make the process an enjoyable one.